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Peru receives the highest level of ultraviolet radiation worldwide!

Due to the deterioration of the ozone layer, product environmental contamination, and our proximity to the equator, Orlando Ccora indicates the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (SENAMHI). The sun is now seen as an enemy.

Until recently it was almost impossible to see drivers driving on Lima with black lenses or fabric sleeves for sun protection, blocker or people for skin applied more than once a day. However, those days are long gone, or as they say today's youth: were already.
Why? Simple, because ultraviolet radiation is much greater than before because ozone, it just serves as a protective filter against solar radiation planet, has been weakened by environmental pollution. Which means we are more at risk of skin cancer.
Perhaps the above already knew or had ever heard by the media. However, as dramatic as the decrease in the ozone layer or the temperature rise in the earth, is confirmation that Peru has become the country with the highest level of ultraviolet radiation in the world, as signal Orlando Ccora, ultraviolet radiation specialist SENAMHI, which is based on a study by the New Zealand Richard Mckenzie in 2006.
"Mckenzie made her study based on satellite data worldwide, all countries providing data on UV radiation and surface level where he also collected important data to conclude that Peru is the most affected ", indicates.
Indeed, deMckenzie investigations determined that the heights of Cusco in the highest level of ultraviolet radiation from the planet found, with a value of 25. More than twice the amount referred to as hazardous to health.

Affects the Andean Region

Ccora indicates that the ozone layer has deteriorated more in the equatorial belt by effects of environmental pollution and this has greatly affected the countries near the equator, especially in the Andean region as Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia and especially Peru.
"This study did McKenzie knows all the scientific community internationally, but Peru is the most affected little has been reported in the media despite being a concern for Peruvians ", points.
Ccora that unlike other countries in Peru recently began to conduct monitoring of ultraviolet rays from the nineties, however, despite the short time the results have been disappointing, because it has exceeded the limit of no hazardous radiation (10), as indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO).
"Just a decade ago the UV ray values ​​were to 12 or 13 points, however, Now we come to the summer 13, 14 and to 15 which is an extreme value, and Tuesday 5 February which reached 14.5 ", need.
Ccora also notes that there is a greater sense of heat due to the polluting gases that destroy the ozone layer allows more UV rays to enter.
"In summer it is always normal to feel a little heat due to astronomical phenomena such as the approach of the Earth to the sun and the tilt of the earth. However, recent 30 years industrialized countries have too much contaminated earth causing the ozone layer weakens and log more ultraviolet ", points.
To reduce these effects and the ozone layer recovers it would take about 50 years indicates Ccora. "That would be ideal, however, sometimes it's just a flag salute ".

What are the effects of UV radiation in the Peruvian?

The oncologist Alcides Pinedo, Peruvian League against Cancer, indicates that prolonged exposure to the sun can not only cause severe burns or erythema, skin cancer but.
“So on the beach or outdoors must wear a hat to protect the face, blocker with a protection factor greater than 30 and sunglasses with UV protection”, relates.
Also recommended to avoid direct exposure between 10 Morning and 4 afternoon, when the sun is strongest. People with fair skin are more vulnerable to damage from UV rays.
Also, specialists recommend using dark glasses with UV protection
protect eyes.

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