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By Susana in Apocalypse

Russian scientists: In 2014 will begin

Global Cooling

Científicos rusos: En 2014 comenzará el enfriamiento global


Two Russian scientists reject the theory of global warming and warn that a new ice age is coming, to conquer Earth start from next year.

Russian researchers Vladimir Bashkin and Raouf Galiulin discarded anthropogenic influence on global climate, explaining the changes to it with the existence of several cycles of solar activity.

For them, frequent statements about global warming West are, somewhat, intentional exaggeration, because "if it global warming, then, the need for traditional fuel-oil, coal, especially, gas natural, exported, en particular, from Russia- be reduced, and, therefore, the price of this energy source should be lower than it is now ", scientists say.

Also, claim that humanity is now at the beginning of a new period of global cooling, which is related to future fall of solar activity.

"Little Ice Age" will begin in 2014 and will peak minimum temperatures at mid-century ", Russian researchers report.

"First, the temperature reduction is very slow, and, past few decades, more active ", added.

Similar statements were made last year by the head of space research sector Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honorary Doctor Jabibulá Abdusamatov, indicating that the temperature will begin to fall from 2014 to reach its peak in 2055.

Also, warned that “temperature lowering affect many, to almost all”, and stressed that “ocurre like the menudo, first is talk that this is absurd, is not science, this can not be, but then it turns out that something after all takes place”.

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